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Achillea ageratifolia

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Authors: Benth.  

Botanical Description

Anthemis aizoon). Tufted, forming leafy mounds 15cm or more in height. Leaves 2-4cm long, narrowly spathulate to lanceolate, entire or crenulate, rarely with narrow tooth-like lobes, grey downy. Flowerheads 2-3cm across, solitary, rarely in small clusters, summer. Balkan peninsula amongst mountain rocks. A.a, subsp. aizoon is technically a synonym but is sometimes used for plants with clustered flowerheads. A.a. var. serbica is similar but with silvery-hairy leaves.

a, A. ageratifolia; b, A. clavennae; c, A. rupestris; d, A. tomentosa;